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Prayer for our nation

Thursday 5 Sept 2019

St Peter’s Church in Littleover will open on Thursday 5 September from 7pm for the local community to come and pray for the nation.


With events in Parliament and a lack of representation for many people, given that the local MP is currently suspended, St Peter’s wanted to offer a space for people to bring their concerns and worries.


Vicar Revd Alicia Dring said:

“It is important that we pray for those who lead us – that they may make wise and considered decisions to benefit those living and working across our country.

At St Peter’s we are opening the church so that anyone can come to pray, light a candle or just spend time in quiet – giving to God all our worries and concerns and praying for a way forward.  Everyone is welcome.”


The church will be open from 7pm and people can come and go as they wish – there will be no formal service.

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Prayer Group
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