Littleover 100 - Remembrance Trail

Celebrating the last 100 years of the people and community of Littleover

In 1914, the population of Littleover was less than 1500 people.  Over 250 men left to serve in the war, 37 of them died.  Of the 200+ men who returned, life would never be the same for them or their families.


This trail marks the home of more than half of the men who gave their lives in this conflict.  At the turn of the 20th century, few houses were numbered and it has been a challenge to reconcile the information available in the 1911 census, with a 21st century street map.  We have done our best.

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Remembrance Trail – you may remember we began this trail in 2014 to commemorate the outbreak of the war – identifying the homes of the men who died and whose names are recorded on the War Memorial.  We’ve now identified more places and so the trail has almost doubled.  Walk around the village and read the names of the men, in the houses where they grew up.  The trail will be on display from September to November.  

Remembrance Trail Sites:

As you walk the trail, you may wish to stop and pause at each home for a moment of respectful silence and reflection for each of those who died and the families they left behind.

Please respect the privacy of the householders.

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1. 29 Old Hall Road
Remembering Herbert & Benjamin Wibberley
Herbert died April 1917, aged 36
Benjamin died November 1918, aged 23

2. Field Farm, Old Hall Road
Remembering Harold Lane
Died August 1915, aged 21

3. 45 Church Street

Remembering Wilfred Lee
Died August 1915, aged 21


4. 23 Church Street
Remembering James Popple
Died August 1917, aged 32

5. 21 Church Street
Remembering William Marshall
Died November 1917, aged 19

6. 12 Church Street
Remembering Alfred Ford
Died July 1917, aged 23


7. Jasmine Cottage, Normanton Lane
Remembering Arthur Turner
Died September 1915, aged 21

8. 35 Shepherd Street
Remembering George Freestone
Died February 1916, aged 28

9. 25 Shepherd Street
Remembering Charles Stoppard
Died August 1918, aged 21

10. 21 Shepherd Street
Remembering Fred Baldwin
Died March 1918, aged 31

11. Fairholme, Shepherd St Gate
Remembering Stuart Thirlby
Died March 1918, aged 25

12. 7 Shepherd Street
Remembering Frederick Johnson

Died September 1916, aged 19
13. 2-4 Park Lane
Remembering James Grove
Died November 1917, aged 34

14. 4 Park Lane
Remembering Ernest Allsopp
Died March 1918, aged 21

15. Wade House, 4 Wade Avenue
Remembering Francis Houlston
Died April 1918, aged 33

16. Edale, 26 Wade Avenue
Remembering Frederick and William Shaw
Frederick died July 1917, aged 19

William died November 1917, aged 23

17. 21 North Street
Remembering Thomas Moorcroft & Samuel Williams 
Thomas died June 1917, aged 20
Samuel died July 1917, aged 34

18. 536 Burton Road
Remembering Joseph Corden
Died July 1917, aged 23


19. Old Hall Lodge
Remembering Alfred Spalding
Died March 1918, aged 26

20. Old Hall
Remembering John McInnes
Died July 1916, aged 21

We are indebted to Chris from The Royal British Legion, Littleover Branch as well as Jan and Chris from Littleover Historical Society for all their work in making this trail possible.  And of course to the present day householders for allowing us to display the posters.

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Photos Sally Edworthy CPAGB & Ashley Franklin ARPS, ABPPA, APAGB. Used by kind permisson.