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Easter is really important to Christians because it gives us hope – that death is not the end, rather there is the promise of heaven and we can spend forever with God.  But it’s not just about when we die, God can be with us now, forgiving us for the bad stuff in our lives and blessing us with his love.


Life can be tough and we’ve all done stuff that can get in the way – it can make us feel bad about ourselves, ashamed and hopeless – that God might not be able to love someone who has messed up like me.  But the truth is so different.


But Jesus came to show us what life with God was really like and especially that we are loved – and have always been loved.  There isn’t anything we can do that make God loves us any more or any less.


Jesus makes all of this possible by clearing the rubbish in our lives out of the way of getting to know God better.  All bad stuff has consequences and Jesus – by his action on the cross – wipes the slate clean so that we can start afresh with God.  Imagine that – all the bad stuff wiped away?  How would that feel?  Would the freedom from the weight of all those memories be liberating?


Jesus’ action on the cross was exactly that for all of us.  A liberation.  Salvation.  He suffered and died as an innocent man – this is what Good Friday (or God Friday) is really all about.  He was then placed in a tomb and on the day after (Easter Sunday) he rose from the dead.  Completely restored.  His resurrection breaks the power of sin and death over men and women – so that we can know forgiveness, restoration and hope for the future – all the way into eternity.


If you want to know more about the Christian faith, join us every Sunday at 10am at St Peter’s Church or on zoom or via livestream.


We’d love to help you find out more about how much you are loved!

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