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Christian Baptism is about acknowledging our believing in God and joining the church family.  Adults usually get baptised when they have made a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ and want to make a public declaration about that decision.  Children who are too young to make this commitment for themselves are usually brought to church by parents and Godparents who make promises on their behalf.  They can then choose to confirm these promises for themselves when they are older.


We would love to baptise you or your child and welcome you into the Church Family.  We have a policy that asks people to attend church regularly before we set a date – this helps you to come to a better understanding of what it is you are baptising your child into and the commitment you are making.


Take a look at the leaflet and letter below which outlines how it all works.  You can choose a Thanksgiving Service OR a Baptism – whichever is better for you and your family. When you are ready just call us and we can discuss it further.



Baptism or Thanksgiving?


Baptism – involves making promises to bring up your child within the church, which means making a commitment to attend church regularly


Thanksgiving – an opportunity to give thanks for the life of the child and to ask for God’s blessing.  No promises are made and baptism can be chosen later. This takes place during the main Sunday morning church services. 



St Peter’s is a lovely church to get married in and it’s great that you are considering making your promises before God as well as your family and friends.


However there are some rules and regulations that we still have to work within.  


If you’ve been married before, we will need to talk to you to further before we agree to conduct your ceremony.  Please give us a call and we’ll talk it through.


You’ll need to be connected to St Peter’s in some way, this could be a variety of reasons:

  • You live in the parish, or your parents live here

  • You’ve attended the church regularly, or your parents have attended

  • Your parents or grandparents were married here

  • You were baptised or confirmed at St Peter’s


Take a look at the leaflet below which explains things in more detail and contains advice on how to plan the service.

But the first thing to do is give us a call,  talk about dates and then come and talk to us about your thoughts and plans.  We want to do everything we can to support you as you plan your special day.   

Here is a document that might help your official photographer on the big day.



If you would like a funeral or thanksgiving service for a loved one to be held at St. Peter's then talk with the funeral directors or call the church office to discuss further.


We are also available to conduct funerals at any of the local crematoriums.  

St Peter's has a large graveyard, however it is full and no new burials are permitted. Please talk to us regarding the  interment and scattering of ashes.  

If you are trying to trace the site of a grave in the churchyard then please contact the church office for help. 

Flower Arrangement
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